University of Washington Division of Occupational Therapy

Curriculum Summary

Students in the UW MOT Program working together on a group assignment with cooking technology

Photo Credit: Bernadette Brady

The University of Washington’s Master of Occupational Therapy (UW MOT) degree is a 9-quarter lock-step program that begins in Fall Quarter. The first 7 quarters of coursework are followed by 6 months of full-time Fieldwork II clinical placements. We focus on preparing graduates for the complexity of occupational therapy practice through didactic coursework and authentic, immersive Clinical Learning Experiences in the community.¬†View a more detailed description in the MOT curriculum summary.

Year 1

First-year students focus on the foundations of occupational therapy, the therapeutic analysis of activities and occupations throughout the lifespan, the process of occupational therapy service delivery, and therapeutic communication groups. They also learn applied human sciences such as functional anatomy, neurobiology, and kinesiology and engage in Clinical Learning Experiences.

Year 2

In the second year, students learn occupational therapy theory and practice in mental health, physical disabilities, pediatrics and geriatrics through academic coursework integrated with 4 weeks of full-time community-based Fieldwork I and other Clinical Learning Experiences.

Capstone Graduate Project

Second-year students apply their scholarship to real-world practice settings through collaborative Graduate Projects. Students work in small groups with a community partner to address a program development, education, or advocacy need and then present their projects at the annual UW MOT Graduate Symposium.

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Fieldwork I (4 weeks)

Second-year students spend one week each quarter at a different clinical site under the supervision of an occupational therapist or other professional. This hands-on practical experience is integrated into core coursework through assessment reports, treatment planning, documentation notes, and class discussions.

Fieldwork II (24 weeks)

For the last two quarters of our program, students are immersed in full-time fieldwork delivering occupational therapy services in two different clinical settings. Our Academic Fieldwork Coordinator helps students select fieldwork sites from more than 350 community partners to find the settings that best meet their interests and skills.

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