University of Washington Division of Occupational Therapy


Our program engages with the occupational therapy community through service to professional organizations and advocacy efforts. We have intentionally created multiple avenues that invite feedback from the clinical community to guide our curriculum.

American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

Faculty serve on multiple AOTA committees and regularly present at AOTA conferences

State and National Advocacy

Students present their Graduate Project work at state and national conferences and participate in the annual Washington Occupational Therapy Association’s “Hike the Hill” event, where they lobby state legislators on issues that impact occupational therapy practice.

Annual UW MOT Graduate Symposium

We invite members of the OT clinical community to our Annual UW MOT Graduate Symposium to learn about new initiatives in the field.

Clinician-Faculty Meeting

We host an annual meeting for fieldwork educators to celebrate their contributions to student learning and give them the opportunity to provide us with feedback on the curriculum.

Employer Survey

We survey employers each year to gather feedback on graduate performance.

MOT Program Advisory Board

Twice a year, faculty meets with our Advisory Board, made up of OT and OTA representatives from multiple practice areas. The meetings are a platform for a two-way dialogue to identify how our program can be responsive to trends in the community.