University of Washington Division of Occupational Therapy

Community Engagement

Community engagement lies at the core of the University of Washington Division of Occupational Therapy. We embrace the complex concept of community as a group of individuals linked through practice, action, or place. At every level in our regional, scientific, and professional communities, we are actively creating and building relationships between the students and faculty that make up our program, the local population that would benefit from our services, and clinicians and researchers within and beyond the University of Washington.

At the heart of our program is our Community of Learning, where our students, faculty, and staff collectively and intentionally create a collaborative environment. We build relationships in the regional community through our students who connect with community partners on projects that support program development, education, advocacy, and direct occupational therapy services. Our faculty engages with the scientific and professional communities across disciplines, schools, and universities to contribute to the research on and the practice of occupational therapy.